IBD sugar venture began in 1995 with the exporting of our very first contract into the Middle East where we currently had a widespread procurement network and also infrastructure from our cotton enterprises. Leveraging these capabilities and warehousing, we were able to guarantee sugar supply to consumers in proximity to the point of sale.


Our vast network in the middle east were critical in assisting us expand our sugar distribution business into many other nations starting from Africa, and expanding to Russia, and also Europe. In 2004, we have expanded.

IBD is a major supplier of sugar to consumer and industrial markets, particularly in its own countries of operation, and has significant and increasing access to preferential markets in the EU and the USA. The span of our sugar business, and had enhanced our value allocation.


Over the previous few years, we have actually centered considerable attention on establishing our midstream processing tasks, among them our successful financial investments in farming and also milling operation in the Dominican Republic.

Our journey to make additional value-added allocations has actually extended to:

  • Farming ventures in sizable producing zones with a comparison expense advantage and/or sizable shielded markets
  • Farming ventures in managed markets which offer potential for obtaining high financial returns
  • Refining assets in large, deficit-prone, consuming countries.

Established a training and support program for our farmers in order to promote sustainable agriculture development activities. Our Total cane supplies from these ventures, amounts to two million tons annually.

Such investments, coupled by having our analysis as well as investment capabilities, are going to enable us to greater manage our production and distribution as well as assist us to generate better value at every phase.

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