IBD has been in the sesame enterprise for more than a decade, and hold a strong sturdy authority position. We began this division from North Africa where we had synergies of cost-sharing with other items in our commodities portfolio. Over the years we have definitely boosted our presence throughout our sourcing origins as well as markets consequently broadening our capabilities to be a leader in this vast growing market.


We have initiated our plans to produce sesame seed by farming 354 hectares in Latin America, as well as another 181 hectares in NorthAfrica.

IBD take part in all of the major sesame-producing zones around the world. This gives us the ability to offer the ideal value to our clients. The breadth as well as sustainability of the IBD network makes certain that we are pioneers in providing top quality at competitive prices to all our clients. In addition IBD have procurement locations at many different sourcing zones in Latin America, North Africa, India.


In most of the sites we manage in, sesame seeds are gathered physically and also separated from their husks utilizing easy and also standard means. Since seeds created in such a means may consist of contaminations, people have definitely put together primary cleaning hubs remarkably close to the ranch fence.

This financial investment enables us to assure our consumers that they are ensured clean sesame for usage in their different applications. For applications that ask hulled or edible quality sesame. we have definitely established processing plants in the sesame-growing countries. The products from these plants are prepared to be provided to food arrangements without any more treatment. IBD is a pioneer in effectively making ready edible-grade sesame as well as hulled sesame.

Quality assurance

By having an intimate expertise of our customer demands, we can give them the most suited sesame seeds for their certain utilization, each created over a many years of encounter.

Our sesame portfolio features organic sesame– each pulverizing and nourishing seeds and also hulled sesame. We have actually likewise formed tailor-made instruction courses for our technicians to carry out product testing at our especially prepared in-house facilities. We are perhaps the only sesame company to have in-house Afflation examining facilities. This thorough safety and high quality method makes sure our clients can easily be certain of what they are getting.


IBD is always spirited to boost the high quality of the items we provide, as well as the total ailments of the folks that provide these products to us.

To make certain that our farmers have the greatest returns from their limited land and labor, we have certainly been running style farms as vocational instruction facilities throughout many origins. For instance, our style holding in Nigeria combined with a one on one initiative has actually been a key component in duplicating the on-farm profit there over the previous five years. likewise our direct support for our planter output increases with an enhanced seed distribution effort, making agriculturalist guidance handbooks (in the neighborhood foreign language) that highlight pre and also post-harvest strategies.

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