Our Six Values


  • Our people work together in an environment where everybody is passionate about their new ideas, about collaboration, and success. We instill this passion in their hearts.
  • Our people work as a true team, supplied with all the support, and opportunities for success. Our people will have a clear vision to which new horizon we can take IBD.


  • We are committed to helping our professionals build their careers, our commitment to communicate, has turned us into an agriculture global leader.
  • Cultivate an achievement oriented environment where our people success is as important as our very own success.


  • Together we tap into our individual collective knowledge to help us progress and succeed.
  • Together as a team continue to invent, intrigue, motivate and grow.
  • Together as a team will infiltrate new markets fortified with our knowledge and experience.
  • Together we can help each one of you to be on the road of a great career.


  • Exhibit a leadershipapproach in our work.
  • Maintain a positive attitude for success.
  • Work hard to achieve and deliver across board.
  • We strive for achieving only the excellence, and to be one at all times.


  • We maintain to be professionals, honest and direct in our working relationships.
  • We exert for impartiality and objectivity in our decision making and in our dealings of one another.
  • We maintain the highest ethical and performance code of conduct continuously.


  • We listen carefully and respond to the need of our team
  • We abolish our individual indifferences and are united as one
  • We value our culture of participation, and strive to building strong relationships throughout our organization.
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