Value Stream Pillars

Maximizing value

IBD is constantly venturing into new efficient country sourcing, outsourcing, customization, globalization and more that is adding tremendous value to our supply chains across the globe. Rapidly we are adopting supply chain management strategies in an effort to keep up and balancing the trade-offs involved in keeping production levels high and costs low.

Synchronization & collaboration

The process of getting the right product to the right place, at the right time, at the right price — we call it the traditional touchstones of our value chain success. These strategies empower us in two ways.

  • The difference between the merely functioning, and profitability. when it comes to procuring our production.
  • Empower our clients around the world and delivering their required quality and demands as fast and inexpensively as possible.Risk Management:When it comes to global supply chains, the potential for interruption comes in many packages, from natural disasters to plant manufacturing fires, and operational contingencies such as shipping ports low capacity to handle incoming flow of goods. This has encouraged us to initiate two policies:
        • Methodically understand the prospective of recognized risks
        • Maximize the capacity of our value chain within reasonable limits to sustain, and absorb interference without,stern impact on our enterprise.

    Value Chain Enterprise System:

    Value Stream Enterprise Systems (VSES) — information, communication and management technologies that support value chain functions — have quickly become a central element of our value chain management strategy. This stemmed out from the need for certain elements: namely, a clearly defined need based on our value chain strategy.

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