IBD has actually constructed its cocoa company by blending our special and unequalled strengths at source with market existence along with analysis, details, investigation and futures market competence. Over the span of years we have definitely plainly demonstrated our capability in the creation to deliver traceability, transparency and also trust for our customers. We are proud to resource one eighth of all cocoa utilized in cocoa and cocoa refreshments worldwide.

The sourcing, marketing as well as trading talents are strengthened by the sustaining functions of the group by having money as well as risk management being critical companions to the business.

The cocoa group is an extremely determined party of chocoholics that swear by their company as well as the cocoa as well as dark chocolate sector. The company supports all applicable organizations as well as has Board depiction on many bodies providing the Federation of Cocoa Commerce, world Cocoa Foundation, European Cocoa Organization and the Cocoa Affiliation of Asia.


Africa generates in surplus of 70 % of the cocoa crop. We are the leading exporter of cocoa beans from Africa with an extensive footprint ranging SouthAfrica, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon as well as Togo in West Africa as effectively as Tanzania as well as Uganda in East Africa.

We have actually setup and also consolidated market leading position in our Oriental sourcing operations with yearly procurement in surplus of 100,000 bushels, normally from Indonesia as well as Papua New Guinea. Although IBD is one of the leading originators and providers of cocoa beans, we additionally emphasize extra market places. We supply fine-flavor cocoa from the Andean area to chocolate connoisseurs of the planet and also are a substantial advocate of organically grown cocoa in East Africa. We even have a sustainable existence in fermented cocoa from Vietnam.


The cocoa Division is headquartered in Dominican Republic, with centers in New York, Singapore, whilst leveraging additional affiliate’s offices worldwide.

As effectively as being a leading supplier of cocoa beans, we are likewise one of the leading investors of source cocoa products including spirits, butter, dessert as well as powder. Our facilities deliver liquid butter to the dark chocolate market and also powder individuals in Europe and also the USA



We are strongly involved in numerous long-term sustainability projects, either IBD led or in collaborations within many of the nations in which we manage. We are equipped to provider each traceable and also licensed beans and also have countless Organic, Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance classes in addition to having 2 projects in IBD’s Source of income Charter.

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