IBD is presently one of the largest cultivators of Almonds around the world and also the only provider with origination in Australia and also California, UNITED STATE. This makes sure we market a year-round fresh amount of high-quality almonds to our clients worldwide.

We currently keep 10,000 acres of almond orchards in Australia. In California, we own 7,000 acres of almond orchards. From our processing facilities we will definitely make certain that IBD has the functionality and also competence to be the leading supplier of excellent almonds to all the main client markets.


All almonds that IBD produces from Australia as well as the UNITED STATE are grown on our very own farms. Our farms in both countries have cutting edge irrigation facilities and technological innovation, and also include high amounts of mechanization. We additionally accept the most recent agriculture advancement methods to make sure we produce exceptional turnouts of high quality almonds.


The processing of almonds after harvest is a two-stage procedure. 1st, the hull is taken out followed by the in-shell, leaving behind the kernel. Kernels are then sent for sizing, branding and packaging. In each Australia and California, we have definitely established strong connections with efficient operators to make sure we make the superb of almonds our consumer’s desire.

We are currently building a state-of-the-art processing facility, to deliver production capacity for our orchards as they grow. The progression of this facility will definitely make it possible for us to have express authority over every period of the processing cycle, guaranteeing entire single-point control of almond quality, traceability and safety from orchard to client.

Marketing & Distribution

IBD takes pride in adhering to our guidelines and also living our values, one of which is having a solid customer concentration. We regularly make the effort for higher consumer satisfaction via good structure that extends relationships with our customers and also understanding as well as recognizing their demands. To stress this concentration, we have definitely established an international marketing and circulation network by assigning specialized agents for many of the main almond-consuming areas.

IBD’s experienced Advertising Managers aid deliver a link that helps in info flow from our consumers express to our almond production groups. We pride ourselves on our exceptional capacity to offer direct paddock-to-warehouse solutions from each of our almond origins. Together with nurturing good lasting partnerships with our consumers, we strive to sustain them in increasing their businesses.


Via our almond holdings in Australia as well as the UNITED STATE, we have turned into custodians of necessary natural resources such as land, water and also native greenery. We take our responsibility for these normal resources very seriously, constantly executing sources to their sustainability, as well as striving to become a valued partner in the neighborhoods where we expand our almonds ventures.

As an example, we have actually purchased brand-new irrigation systems to ensure excellent water management, and also are using the Almond Business Boards of each Australia and California to enter into industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

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