IBD set out its cashew venture more than twenty years ago, exporting Raw Cashew Nuts from Nigeria. Today, we have actually become a leading worldwide participant in the business, by having an estimated market share of beyond 20 % in the RCN vocation, as well as 15 % in blanched cashew kernels and also ingredients.

IBD is fully-integrated in the cashew development within large number of major producing and processing origins. Over the years, we have certainly developed significant sustainability in every stage of this cycle, emphasizing our proactive financial investments, and ensuring the delivery to our many clients worldwide.


IBD prides itself on its remarkable origination capabilities and unequaled grasp around the majority of major cashew origins, featuring West and East Africa, India and also Vietnam. By having the help of our committed year-round localized staff, as well as our continued affiliation with sizable cultivator, cooperative and advanced investor networks, we have certainly been ready to nurture lasting as well as mutually-beneficial connections at each of our sources.

We tally among our vital more competitive strengths, a vast experience in the cashew industry as well as long lasting affiliations that have supplied us with informative and reasonable data. This in-depth knowledge of fresh nut high quality and also crop profiles has, all together by having our huge reach, dynamic purchasing models as well as effective coordination’s, made IBD the industries greatest RCN provider.

Transparency has indeed constantly been a competitive characteristic of IBD, and also has actually confidently impacted planter incomes at origin. Today, we furnish totally traceable organically grown cashews to opt for clients worldwide.


IBD manages 10 cashew-processing facilities across 6 processing origins, and gives each direct as well as secondary occupation to more than 2500 people, 95 % of whom are females.

We are pioneering the setup of fully-mechanized processing facilities that manage under first-rate safety as well as personal hygiene guidelines, while jointly, we have indeed additionally transferred the experience, and abilities as well as technologies effectively used in our India as well as Vietnam enterprises to our Africa enterprises. Not to mention, we are even tackling joint programs with a couple of our crucial affiliates to frequently strengthen our facilities.

These efforts have actually allowed us to reduce process complicity, diminish command points, and combine accuracy certifying and categorizing to give additional constant high quality cashews, personalized cashew components and also kosher, and organic-certified selections. Today, most of our facilities are HACCP and BRC-certified, making it possible for us to give our clients complete traceability to global standards.

Advertising & Distribution

IBD’s unique functional type makes it easy for us to deliver beyond merely good cashews. We even assist our consumers manage their needs a lot more efficiently, by making sure they have reasonable accessibility to proprietary details we obtain from our origins across the organization, and also in place markets. Our integration of origination bases as well as processing facilities in various locations throughout each hemispheres, one that ensures them of a ceaseless cashew supply all year round.

We even offer product development experience to our cashew clients, manufacturing as well as furnishing tailored qualities according to their called for specs. To complement our service, we likewise offer them tailored transactional alternatives that incorporate vendor-managed stock solutions, an advantage they can utilize in a very volatile market to proactively manage their purchasing. Our cashew marketing practices are dispersed extensively throughout the entire world featuring branches in the USA, Europe, Dubai, India, Russia, and the Middle East.


Corporate obligation and also sustainability are an essential element of our business approach. We determine sustainability as the involved, honorable, accountable and jointly value-adding engagement from clients and personnel’s, to regional communities as well as authorities. Our origination operations are built on the assertion of boosting livelihoods at the grass source. We do this with ranch productiveness improvement initiatives that incorporate organizing farmer enterprises, creating small scale traders, advertising transparency, and accumulating abilities with each growing as well as trading sectors.

In addition to providing large-scale occupation prospects in our processing facilities, we additionally run wellness campaigns, HIV\/AIDS awareness as well as elimination projects, person literacy programs, productivity-based motivation schemes, in addition to annual as well as ethnic celebrations with the view of successfully engaging our workforce. Our processing units are based in rural neighborhoods and, particularly provide opportunities for ladies to straight gain cash profits.

With significant partnerships by having pick progression firms, donors and company affiliates, IBD creates and also carries out numerous resources that boost the lives of the neighborhoods in which we run.

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