IBD is a leading peanut producer in many of the peanuts exporting countries, which collectively explain close to 90 % of world-wide vocation. To guarantee we go on to deliver a higher superb as well as cost-competitive product to our consumers, we have made significant financial investments across the peanut process, directly from cultivating to ultramodern component processing facilities.

By having our experience in regulating development difficulties throughout unique origins from Argentina to USA to China, we have certainly can produce an exceptional position for ourselves in the market. Today, we are effectively furnished to comply with all the unique demands of our clients, from peanuts crush for oil to the highest high quality peanut kernels and also ingredients for premium bite to eat and also confectionery manufacturers.


IBD’s have established sourcing capabilities and localized procurement teams in a number of peanut sources featuring China, Argentina, India, USA, South Africa and Mozambique. We have integrated a source of competitive advantage as well as market intelligence which has no parallel in the industry.

Our origination is distinctively conformed to each of the origins to supply the most effective high quality peanuts at a more competitive price. As a grower in Argentina, we produce all the peanuts handled in our processing facility, and also are among the few providers approved to supply greater oleic peanuts. In South Africa, we have an agriculturalist out-reach program with our personal seed multiplication. In India, UNITED STATE, China as well as Mozambique we have definitely created a vital partnerships over the years by having our providers to ensure we have unfettered accessibility to the appropriate superb raw substance under all market conditions.


IBD has extraordinary settings of peanut processing assets and also abilities spread around different geographies, pursued all elements of processing from shelling to blanching to making peanut paste as well as ingredients.

We have peanut shelling facilities in Argentina, India and also South Africa. IBD, has free-lance peanut blancher in the globe with four blanching facilities spread throughout the US and Argentina, is taken into account. IBD is a globally recognized organization in the peanuts nut industry. Our involvement in the production and processing across multiple levels allows us to supply our consumers an all-year-round unceasing amount of high quality peanuts and also active ingredients.

Our beginning spread as well as experience offers solid proprietary and detailed market info, which we take advantage of to enable our clients take care of their needs better.t the market standard in goods quality and client service.


Business obligation and sustainability are an essential component of our business approach. We specify sustainability as the active, honest, accountable and also together value-adding engagement from clients and also personnel’s, to regional organizations as well as federal governments.

Our origination affairs are created on the premise of enhancing source of incomes at source. We do this through ranch efficiency improvement initiatives that incorporate managing farmer enterprise groups, creating small investors, promoting transparency, as well as developing capabilities among each growing and also trading zones. Via meaningful partnerships with select progression departments,and enterprise, IBD establishes and implements numerous projects to enhance the lives of the neighborhoods in which we operate.

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