Palm Oil

In 2004 IBD have setup a fully integrated division across the palm oil value chain, from our own plantation and also palm oil production facility to edible oils refining. One of our main strategies is to emphasize on the supply chain management in safeguarding access to ensure prompt and also cost effective sourcing of crucial input components. We have engaged our palm oil supply chain with the roundtable for sustainable palm Oil (RSPO) and extended our commitments to include all products, which include traceable palm oil, and supporting emerging environmental concerns.


Our main sourcing for palm oil plantations is in Colombia where we have a well-managed plantation that reduces the risk of deforestation. We have entered into other ventures in Indonesia where we are currently managing 1000 hectares of palm oil plantation. We are in the process of expanding our operations into other regions like Africa.


Currently our main refining facilities are in Indonesia, and Columbia. Our future plans are to explore new opportunities in potential markets internationally. This operation is part of our integration within the downstream value chain through refining capacity expansion and an industry value added.


Sustainability is a primary factor of our enterprise structure, as well as an essential aspect of just how IBD function. We make certain that no point of our business affairs is ignored. Economic viability, responsible control of alternative resources, advancement of our people, stewardship and safeguarding our environment, as well as the welfare and progression of our farmers are entailed with, all play a necessary element in our business path. We have implemented a trade model that will strengthen our network marginalized farmers the ability to access markets.

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