IBD is among the major producers in the world-wide rice industry, involved around the whole entire rice production from origination to distribution. Our solid presence, in the planet’s significant importing, as well as exporting zones. Our efforts to create distribution networks in place markets are matched by our selective skills combination in to the systematizations as well as origination part of this commodity, a method that has indeed presented us a sturdy base to viably grow our rice enterprise.


The majority of task in the rice endeavor takes place between establishing country’s economies. As such, we have put together origination workplaces in all the main rice-exporting states in the Americas as well as Asia, to procure rice and also ship it to various area markets, largely in Africa and the Middle East.

Our recognition to our rice high quality is evident in the importance we attach to our quality assurance procedures, and also our assessors carefully supervise the excellent of all make at each creation period, prior to packing as well as export is completed.


IBD have certainly made sizable rice processing financial investments in nations where all logistics are viable for a value added product.

In Dominican Republic for instance, IBD have constructed a state of the art processing facility that has a processing capability of 100,000 tons each year. In North India, we have a fully-fledged basmati rice paddy origination as well as processing facility which has the capability to make 70,000 tons of finished basmati parboiled and also non-parboiled rice every annum.


Our considerable distribution networks in location markets have indeed made it easy for us to market our rice productively to our customers throughout multiple locations.

We have enjoyed a great success in the Middle East, where our selected rice products meets the undefined quality demand from our clients in those countries. These built products have certainly viewed very good growth over the years, as well as are reflective of our capability to supply the exacting criteria of diverse markets. IBD have indeed built a complex and productive network in Africa for our premium rice best selling brand, (Gaviota).


We have made discerning rice processing investments in countries where we believe we can easily extract better value directly as contrasted to third party sourcing.

In Dominican republic for example, we have set up 7500 hectares of land for rice plantation collectively supported by packing facility that has a capability of greater than 3,500,000 tons per annum and also allows us to conserve freight charges by shipping rice in bulk and in one-ton bags. In India, we have a dedicated basmati rice paddy origination as well as processing facility which has the capability to produce 50,000 tons of completed basmati parboiled and non-parboiled rice for every annum.

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