IBD is focused on improving the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises in the soybean sector across sub-Saharan Africa to produce healthy, fortified food products. We are currently assisting small and medium-sized food processors and mills in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. We have developed strategies to improve our capabilities to produce affordable, high-quality, nutritious and safe food and to increase demand for the crops of small farmers who supply these businesses.


In 2012 we have celebrated our ninth year of expansion in the soybean industry in Latin America; currently we have amassed 1250 hectares, dedicated specifically for soybean. We have a priority in Delivering top quality products to our diversified clients worldwide. Explicitly that soybean is considered more environmentally sustainable.

Among the few countries where we have expanded our soybean operation are Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. The expansion of soybean production is driven by demand from importing countries, especially China, which is the world’s largest importer of soybean and soybean products.


Our Brazil processing plant will diversify and expand our soybean origination and processing operations into a strategically important zone. In addition, it will bring value to our customers by offering such products from a single source origin.

This investment demonstrates IBD commitment to expand our principal position in the agricultural processing value chain.Our strategy includes the geographic expansion of our food processing and distribution network. Our plant close proximity to our farms provides strategic and economic objectives of adding value to our production.

Social responsibility

IBD have instituted its social responsibility mission to nourish lives, and we are realizing results in Africa, yet we have so much more to accomplish.

By improving the capacity and expertise of local production processors, these Solutions improve the farmers’ income, which allows them to pay for school fees, medical care and expand their businesses. Other zonal businesses benefit, as do consumers, through a more stable, affordable and nutritious food supply.

We are underway with many projects in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. Linking our skillful supervisors and managers from across our company in research and development, nutrition, engineering, marketing, finance and beyond, will enhance the quality of life in these communities.

We are constantly taking advantage of our core business skills, technical expertise, and hands-on knowledge of the food industry to fight hunger and improve lives.

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