Middle East

The Middle East is a vital central hub worldwide as it hugs 3 major continents; this region has the optimal enterprise frame to create vast varying company prospects as well as alliances.

Understanding its significant business possibility as a main intake market, IBD started shipping coffee into Saudi Arabia in 1994, today we built up a vital position all over the region as a quality supplier of coffee, sugar, organic nuts, rice, wood products, sesame, spices, pulses and beans.

IBD is currently one of the biggest carriers of containerized agro-commodities in the Middle East, by having a distinct management position around a wide mixture of products. We additionally have a deversified existence in Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and also the UAE. We are in the process of expanding our horizons in several other parts of the Middle East.

Our corporate offices in the Middle East area are centered in Riyadh, Cairo, Jordan and also Israel.

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