South America

IBD expanded its enterprise ventures into South American in 1995, when we started our rice company in Dominican Republic. In a short time span we have certainly undoubtedly accumulated vital positions for coffee, soy beans, banana, and also pursued sugar, as well as pulses and beans.

In 2003, IBD began our peanut business venture in Ecuador, where we have literally since emerged, as one of the nation’s strongest combined foreign organization in the region of large-scale peanut farming, shelling along with blanching. IBD further its expansions to incorporate soy alongside corn growing to complement our peanuts enterprise.

Today, IBD have a considerable upstream existence around South America for coffee, sugar, Banana, organic nuts, soy products, corn, beans, as well as lumber. All together, IBD have sustained a substantial mid-stream presence on the continent in coffee in addition to peanuts. Leveraging this long lasting upstream and also midstream network, IBD stout goals to review several other value chain zones for brand-new products that are value added to our South American reach and also existence.

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