IBD Charter

The IBD Charter emphasizes our long-standing commitment to invest in the rural communities of emerging global zones. We aim to bring prosperity to our farming and rural communities. We assert building a long-term relationships based on fairness and trust. We seek to transfer skills and knowledge through partnerships. IBD have formatted seven benchmarks that will be a guidance to achieve these goals

The Seven Benchmarks

Market Entry

Our business conduct in our regional fields must be marked with fair trade operations which strengthen the economic position of our farmers in order to ensure that they are not marginalized in the world economy.

  • Ensuring that our farmers receive a share of the total profit commensurate with their input;
  • Improving social conditions of employees, in the absence of developed structures for social services, and worker representation.

Increase Output

Implement an across chart system for reducing cost, increasing capacity and improving yield in the agriculture operations. Setup state of the art engineering system aimed at developing sustainable process improvements. Improve capacity from existing assets and bout sustainability goals. Our downstream approach will deliver pragmatic solutions. Implement a collective approach to help our regional supervisor’s team capture a thorough comprehension of the interactions between energy, raw material and water use in our farms.


We have anchored a state of the art quality control system, to ensure that our agriculture products comply with customer specifications, and regional regulatory standards.

We maintain a selective process of raw materials, control of production parameters, highly trained personnel and a rigorous inspection of our products throughout the process from field to mills.

Social Responsibility

Our growing success depends on the growth and health of communities where we operate in. We are committed to investing in, engaging with and respecting the cultures of the communities where we live and work to promote sustainable and responsible economic development, to flourish growth that improves living standards and promote vibrant social environment.

Labor Practices

In the broader community, we are committed to abiding by human rights and taking a solid stand against employment discrimination and illegal labor practices. We do not accept or support the use of illegal, abusive, forced, or child labor throughout our operations worldwide.

Environmental Impact

We have drawn a hardline when it comes to protecting and conserving the environment. We are developing methods to reduce our environmental impact throughout our global operations.

We have initiated management systems to ensure environmental compliance, prevent pollution and continually improve performance on issues relevant to our global operations. We have ambitious goals for energy efficiency, carbon emissions reduction and water management.


Implement a system that will monitor the production process from farm origin in order to assure the products traceability, from raw material to end factory gate, in order to eliminate any doubts about the superior quality of our production, and maintain our valued consistency.

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