News posted on 03.05.12

IBD International , a leading global integrated supply manager , grower and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients, on Feb. 22 unveiled the latest development in its Coffee supply chain in El Salvador, a fully functional state-of-the-art 150 hectares coffee farm plus processing facility. This investment signifies IBD continued support for the country where it is a leading player in the cocoa, cashew, cotton, rice and sugar supply chains.

“This event marks another milestone in our goal to become a major coffee player in Central America, as we consolidate our expansion into the mid market coffee supply chain here. This investment will enable us to unlock mutual value, contribute to the country’s food security and capitalize on the increasing demand for these products on this continent whilst extending our lasting partnership with the people and the government of the country.

The new facility is a stepping stone to IBD long-term strategy , at a cost of $55 million, it forms part of the increase in planned investment from $90 million to $450 million IBD employs over 600 people, increasing to nearly 1,500 in the next 3 years, of whom 100 will be employed at the new coffee facility. The production capacity of the plant is 25,000 metric tons of coffee production per-annum.

IBD has worldwide experience in using innovative solutions and responsible practices that contribute to profitable growth in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner with the ultimate goal of building end-to-end sustainable supply chains. This modern plant with its innovative technology to minimize electricity consumption is at one end of the chain. At the other end, IBD works hand in hand with farmers and their communities to improve livelihoods through providing pre-finance and agricultural inputs, together with comprehensive training programmers for improved yield and environmental stewardship. The company is committed to paying transparent and fair market pricing while building community infrastructure to support social welfare. IBD touches the lives of farmers worldwide.

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